Membership Criteria

We are a registered Society with a growing collective of young people and adults with lived experience in alternative care with representation across all counties in Kenya. We are all united by a common background of having spent all or part of our childhoods in care- these are formally or informally recognized models of alternative care i.e.  charitable children’s institutions, rescue centers, Kafaalah, foster care, Kinship care, adoption, and guardianship.

Who can Join KESCA?

KESCA membership is open to any Kenyan citizen above the age of 18 years who spent all or part of their childhood in alternative care.


Upon registration every member is subjected to a NON-REFUNDABLE registration fee of Kshs 50/=.

There are two (2) membership categories within the Society:

  1. Premium Members

These are members who pay the set amount of Kshs 500 annual subscription fee. They are care leavers who contribute to the work of the Society, have voting rights and participate in the Society’s governance and leadership.

  1. Regular Members

Regular members are care leavers as per our definition above. However, regular members are not paid-up members, have no voting rights and cannot be elected to KESCA Governance Structures. They can participate in various activities of the society and contribute to the work of the Society


Membership Benefits

By joining KESCA, you will be able to enjoy some benefits as stipulated in Article 4 of our constitution.

Every premium member can; –

  1. Attend and participate in all general meetings of the Society
  2. Elect a person or be elected to any of the leadership roles of the Society
  3. Represent the Society in national, regional and global forums
  4. Participate in training workshop
  5. Be issued with membership card/number

Every regular member can; –

  1. Access social media platforms and website resources
  2. Participate in relevant meetings/forums
  3. Participate in any other activities/trainings

To understand more about membership, read the Membership Criteria.


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